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Al-Haramain Architecture Museum - documenting the museum's holdings

Antiquities receive special care and high value, which does not facilitate their participation outside museums, and there is no way to display them digitally in an interactive way that could be an alternative. But through 3D scanning, artifacts can be exactly copied according to the original, and convert it into digital models that can be freely browsed.

The world’s most famous museums are turning to “3D scanning” technologies in the contemporary time, which is one of the fastest, safest and most effective ways to reproduce copies.

The “digital models of artifacts” facilitates the service & objectives of the exhibitions, and this was the approach of many international museums such as the British Museum in London, the Metropolitan Museum in New York and others, who employed 3D scanning of antiquities for museum purposes, to display them in virtually or reproduce samples for the pieces.

In cooperation with the General Presidency for the Affairs of the Two Holy Mosques, Namthaja is working to take advantage of the capabilities of “3D scanning“, with the help our experience in reverse engineering operations.

To make and process digital copies of the museum’s archaeological holdings.

And converting them into models that can be displayed in a virtual museum and a digital library for visitors and researchers, where collections and antiquities are easy to review and interact with.

With the ability to reproduce samples at any moment through 3D printing, the task of participating in exhibitions and external forums would be much simpler than the precautionary procedure before.

The technology has opened up many opportunities for museums, thanks to the reverse engineering & 3D scanning techniques. These opportunities include:

Creating digital libraries for researchers

View the antiquities interactively on the Internet and smartphones

Display models with hologram technology

Virtual museums & virtual reality

Reproduction of miniature artifacts as souvenirs

Namthaja in this project is proud to offer engineering documentation services for those interested in preserving antiquities, and seeks to participate in the of writing down history.. on the digital pages.. With

Professionally, a Saudi engineering team

Experience in reverse engineering applications and in art and industrial reproduction

And 3D printing services and experience in the manufacture and processing of models
  • Can scan a piece of 1 cm or several meters in size.
  • Details accuracy up to 0.05mm
  • Full-color scan.
Al-Haramain Architecture Museum
Engineering documentation
Documenting the museum's holdings
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