Architectural elements

Eastern Region Municipality - Bench

The client desires to manufacture an architectural chair and aesthetic products that’ll be placed in public places, with innovative designs that imitate the place and identity of the region.

The challenge lies in the limitations of traditional methods to reach untraditional and complex designs.

With the capabilities provided by large 3D printers, and with drawing inspiration from surrounding natural elements in the region, Namthaja was able to design products with aesthetics and uniqueness that is unprecedented in the market, as they bear smooth curves and lines that cannot be reached by traditional manufacturing methods.

1- The design

2- After printing

The mold was manufactured via a 3D printed pattern, to be used in the casting process for the final production.

3- During applying the glass fiber mold

4- After installing support structure and before casting

To have at the end products that are: innovatively designed & manufactured with materials that are resistant to various weather factors.
Eastern Region Municipality
Architectural elements
Bench for public facilities