What you will get by relaying on our Solutions

3D printing customization services. We offer complete solutions from engineering processes to final product manufacturing.
1- Saving time through straightforward mold less manufacturing
From the 3D design to the printer directly with no need to extract drawings or create special molds or tools.
2- Eliminating manufacturing capital costs
Such as the costs of the molds, which constitute a large barrier to manufacture new or unavailable parts, especially in quantities less than 10,000 pieces

A practical example of a project

To clarify the two points above, we will give a practical example of one of the projects that we have implemented, where the project required designing and manufacturing a special product in a very fast time:

Comparison of the cost and time of manufacturing 5000 handles from 10 different designs using plastic injection and 3D printing. Comparison was made based on a single injection machine at a cost of 200 thousand riyals against fifty printers at a cost of 200 thousand riyals

Fixed VariableNumber of Molds10
Cost of the mold (SAR)30000
Duration to make molds (Days)90
Cost to inject one piece (SAR)10
Quantity produced by a mold a day7200
Cost to print one piece (SAR)50
Quantity produced by printing a day240

An Example of Direct Manufacturing

To simplify the concept, we put here a real example of one of the works that has been implemented:

The project is about designing, and manufacturing door handles to protect & prevent from the transmission of the Corona virus. The challenge in the project was the variety of the types of handles that must be matched by the designs, in addition to the urgent and rapid need for the product.

The comparison below is for making a handle using a plastic injection device, which cost 200 thousand Saudi riyals, compared to using 50 3D printers, whose value is 200 thousand Saudi riyals.

3- Manufacturing flexibility
It is a direct result of the two previous points, as there are no longer restrictions as:
1-Feasible quantities to be manufactured
2-Time required to start production
3-The possibility of changing the design every time without additional costs.

Which’s marked by the transition from the concepts of centralized manufacturing & mass manufacturing to distributed manufacturing and mass customization

Industrial Revelations



  • Manual Distributed
  • Low workshop setup cost
  • High product cost
  • Many products
  • Customized
  • Common IP
  • Resilient
  • Circular
  • تكلفة منتج عالية


  • Powered Centralized
  • High factory setup cost
  • Medium product cost
  • One Product
  • One size fits all
  • Common & closed IP
  • No resilience to
  •  demand drops
  • Linear


  • Mechanized Centralized
  • High factory setup cost
  • Low product cost
  • One Product
  • One size fits all
  • Closed IP
  • No resilience to
  •  demand drops
  • Linear


  • Digital Centralized
  • Factory setup cost +50M
  • Super low product cost
  • One Product
  • One size fits all
  • Closed IP
  • No resilience to
  •  demand drops
  • Linear


  • Digital Distributed
  • Factory setup cost +15K
  • Super low product cost
  • Many Product
  • Mass-customization
  • Open, data-led design
  • Resilient on-demand
  • Circular
4- Design freedom
3D printing has removed most of the design restrictions imposed by traditional manufacturing methods, thus, this constitutes a revolution in terms of what can be designed.
Here are several examples to illustrate the concept

1- The possibility to make cavities, undercuts & complex shapes


2- Reducing the number of pieces


3-Manufacturing moving parts and joints without assembly


4-Combining several materials in one manufacturing step