What we offer to our clients?

Contract manufacturing services relying on 3D printing, a comprehensive solutions starting from engineering to final product manufacturing.

Types of Products
we Manufacture

1-Spare parts
The target customer here are the operating companies and companies with operational processes, whose need for us is to repair production lines and industrial equipment and not in their final product.
2-Custom products
The target customer here are product design and manufacturing companies, whose need for parts that are part of their final product.

Our Services

1-Engineering & product development
We develop and test materials, designs and manufacturing techniques that best suites our clients needs, relying on the design freedom and capabilities offered by 3D printing.
2-Direct manufacturing
Where we provide a solution here to manufacture customer needs, whether for a few parts or even thousands of parts, quickly and with low capital costs.
3-Digital inventory
A new concept considered as one of the most prominent changes brought by Additive Manufacturing “3D printing” to supply chains, by dispensing the actual inventory of parts and relying on digital copies of them to be produced when needed using 3D printing.

Reverse Engineering

Manufacturing when needed

Reverse Engineering


Manufacturing when needed

Design Storage

An Example of Direct Manufacturing

To simplify the concept, we put here a real example of one of the works that has been implemented:

The project is about designing, and manufacturing door handles to protect & prevent from the transmission of the Corona virus. The challenge in the project was the variety of the types of handles that must be matched by the designs, in addition to the urgent and rapid need for the product.

The comparison below is for making a handle using a plastic injection device, which cost 200 thousand Saudi riyals, compared to using 50 3D printers, whose value is 200 thousand Saudi riyals.


When to rely on our Manufacturing Solutions

Inability to obtain the desired part or product
from the market for reasons related to:
1-High cost
2-Long lead time
4-Poor quality
Inability to obtain the desired part
or product
Inability to obtain the desired part
or product

Why our clients relay on our Solutions

Saving time with moldless direct manufacturing
Eliminating manufacturing capital costs
Manufacturing flexibility
Design freedom