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Centers Services

An efficient 3D printing lab to fulfill your onsite manufacturing needs

Backed by the most experienced & capable AM solutions company in GCC


Designing, constructing,
&procuring 3D printing centers

 Achieving the most functionality and cost efficiency by relying on our expertise in building and operating the biggest 3D printing factory in the gulf region



Looking to results as a driver, professional training is essential to achieve it. Based on our excess of 175000 hours of 3D printing and our 20 highly trained employees, we are assured that we will provide you with the best training on: 3D modelling, Engineering, machine operation, and most importantly 3D printing applications in your field.



Ensuring continuous operation and reliable system by handling all maintenance needs, supported by our local presence and our 50+ available 3D printers in our factory.


and Operation

Support: Having the support and expertise of the most experienced 3D printing company in the gulf to evaluate printability, decide on best material and process combination, and perform reverse engineering. In addition to have the full support for your demands in terms of advanced materials, over size parts, and high-capacity production thru our facility.

Namthaja’s Solutions
& Added Value

Assured results
buying the end results without going thru process complications
Cost efficient
with our experience to design and procure the suitable systems that achieve the goals
Reliable system
We buy, maintain, and support the operation of the systems
At spot serviceensures
best communication between the users and the operators, and fastest response
Most experienced and capable 3D printing solution provider in the gulf