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Who Are We

We are an establishment specialized in providing 3D printing services, we own different set of the most modern printing machines and the best design programs. We rely on our experience in this field, as we are among the leading specialized projects in this field in the Gulf region. We aim to enable corporates and individuals to take advantage of this new technology, and to be the reliable source for them to get models and customized products with the highest accuracy and in the shortest time.

3D Printing Definition

3D Printing Benefits

Reduce Manufacturing Time

By converting 3D designs into real objects in a single click, rather than passing in various manufacturing processes as in the traditional ways

Rotor shaft with special specifications, manufacturing time has been reduced from 10 months to 3 months

Reduce Cost

A single Printing machine does all manufacturing operations, there is no longer a need for multiple tools and special expensive machines

Artificial limb that its cost has been reduced from 10,000 riyals to 500 riyals

Manufacture Complex Desings

It is possible to manufacture any design, no matter how complicated it is by using 3D printing, it is now possible to manufacture designs that were not possibly manufactured previously.

Extremely complex design was manufactured in one piece without any additional steps

Areas That Can Benefit from 3D Printing


Our Services

We in Namthaja have the sufficient resources that allow us to provide reliable services. You can focus on your model or product developing, and we will manufacture it for you.

  • 1. 3D printing:

    This service is provided by direct orders or through long-term contracts.

  • 2. Design

    Professional designers able to transform ideas and sketches into 3D printable designs.

  • 3. Training

    We offer training services on the operation of printers to get high quality products.

  • 4. Operating 3D printing labs

    we equip, operate, and manage 3D printing labs. Based on our experience, our designers, and our professional operators. As we make sure that you take advantage of the 3D printing capabilities with the highest efficiency and quality.

Our Work

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